StudyBoost™ provides the education industry's first interactive social media studying platform to enable learning beyond the classroom. StudyBoost allows students to study by answering self- or teacher-prepared questions, at home or while on the go, via two of the most highly used technologies amongst students: SMS text messaging and instant messaging. For teachers, StudyBoost empowers them to use popular technology to further engage their students beyond the classroom or to integrate technology for learning into their plans. For students, StudyBoost makes true mLearning a reality by leveraging technology they are intimately familiar with and that they carry around everywhere. StudyBoost is a privately held company based in Brooklyn, New York.

10 Reasons to Use StudyBoost

1. It's Free to Sign Up!

You can sign up for free!

2. Study with Instant Messaging and Text Messaging

The days of not having time to study are long gone. With StudyBoost, you can study on your mobile device or on your favorite social site using instant messaging and SMS. Current networks available are:
1. SMS
2. Facebook Chat
3. Yahoo Messenger
4. Microsoft Live (MSN)
5. Google Chat
6. Jabber
8. ICQ

3. Open Ended Questions

Want to answer questions in your own words? Now you can. Enable the open ended option for your batch and let your students answer the questions in their own words. From there, you can review the statistics page and export it out for grading. Great for quizzes, exams, essay style answers and to get a feel for what your students know.

4. Comprehensive Statistics Page

View your own or your classes percentages, number of right and wrong answers, right answer streaks and past answers provided for each question. You can also view statistics based on study groups or individual users.

5. Four Ways to Add Questions to a Batch

You can add questions to a new batch or existing batch using these methods:
1. Copy and paste all your questions from Excel directly into StudyBoost
2. Use the combine batch feature to add questions from other batches
2. Uploading a CSV file
4. Adding questions manually

5. Share, Collaborate and Study with Friends

You can share a batch you've created with friends or if you want help, you can also invite friends to collaborate on a batch to speed up the process. Create a study group and share each other batches privately. Modify and improve batches created by other group members to fit your study needs.

7. Search for Batches Instantly

Search for batches created by friends, classmates or colleagues as well as within your school or company. You can also browse public batches created by other users to study or tailor for your personal study needs.

8. Enhance Your Study Routine

Use StudyBoost to compliment your current study routine and make learning and retaining information easier. StudyBoost provides a web-based application to users with the ability to post, share and study material with friends and provides a unique value, by delivering materials via Instant Messaging platforms and SMS.

9. Study on the Go

Take pop quizzes using virtual study cards to help test you on content on your time. If you only have limited time to study during your busy day, set up timing specifications for pop quizzes to prompt you with 1 question every hour or numerous questions through-out the day. You can even set a scheduled cram session right before an exam.

10. Use Your Google, Twitter and Facebook Credentials to Create an Account

If you have a Google, Twitter or Facebook account, you can use those credentials to create an account on StudyBoost. Its fast, reliable and easy to do.